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I love this man.  I recently saw the Interview and thought to myself as James was gallivanting around with Kim-Jong-Un, “when I grow up I want to be James Franco”.  He is man that has truly grabbed the bull-of-life by the figurative horns.  He used to be a regular guy with big dreams.  Now Mr. Franco has a Masters in Poetry, is an author, actor, director, producer, teacher, and is strikingly handsome.  In an effort to not confuse my future wife who is likely going to read this post, yes dear, I find him physically attractive.

James Franco is a quintessential regular guy who dreamed big, worked hard and is now living the dream.  As with anyone that has achieve the caliber of his success, they must attribute a portion to luck, timing and the like.  However, if you look at his wiki there is a lot of hard work and devotion to personal improvement done by Mr. Franco. He is a great example of what happens if you go against the grain, trust in the rewards of being different and work hard.

In honor of this great man I wanted to share with you The Roast of James Franco.  I came across this video last week and nearly pee’d myself laughing.  It is a long one so chromecast it on the TV after work on of these nights.  Enjoy!


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