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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” – William Shakespeare

If you get stressed because of work it’s time to start relaxing.  I personally have had many years of work stress.  Coming from a public accounting background, my job demanded excessive hours and the ability to take on new roles quickly.  Despite the fact that I was advancing fast in the organization, at the time, it felt like I wasn’t doing enough.  In my new job, I have been thrown some difficult challenges and I’ve stressed that they are not getting completed right or fast enough.  Does anyone else feel similar to me?

A realization I’ve made recently has significantly increased my day-to-day happiness at work and life.  As depicted in the opening quote to this post, the way we feel is a choice.  It’s a choice we often do not make and we let our emotions take autopilot.  It’s a choice many of us do not even consider (i.e. something bad has happened so I must feel bad).

Very few things I do at work are extremely important when compared to the grand scheme of things in life.  I know that I had previous work issues that had considerably stressed me out but in retrospect are laughable.  I would have still completed the project if instead of feeling angry and stressed I chose to be relaxed and thoughtful.

The past few weeks I’ve been consciously putting my mind back into a better state once I start feeling stressed.  Once I started doing this I realized how much of a maniac I was throughout any given day.  Even on my commute into NYC I’d be powerwalking to my building all the while stressing over the things I’m going to do once I get there.  I had a general feeling of always being behind.  This is crazy.  Now I slow down my steps and consciously tell myself to relax and that I’ll work out the issues logically once I get to work.  I would say on any given day I have to course-correct my emotions 15 times, and these are just the times I catch myself.  Sometimes I catch myself mid-stress and it’s a weird feeling catching yourself on emotional autopilot and correcting.

My goal over these coming months is to make a habit of conscious emotional course-correcting.  I want my knee jerk reaction to be not to panic and consider what his happening.  My goal is to create a habit around being more relaxed and thoughtful.

Would love to hear anyone’s experiences in working through this.

Have a relaxed rest of the week!