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I am here for reasons that I perceive to be different than the typical blogger.  I imagine a typical blogger will have a passion for writing and as such, musters up the will power to “finally” make their first post.  I on the other hand am initially writing a blog to relay information to people.  What information?

Personal development tips, strategies, and insights to what I have discovered so far in my career and life.  I have been working for 4 years now and am very focused and driven.  Fueled mostly by audio books that I tirelessly listen to every single day I have heard hundreds of view points about what is and isn’t important in life and business.  After doing this for a few years it has become a habit to listen to personal development books and I now thoroughly enjoy it.  It is what keeps me motivated and ready for whatever situation work and life throws at me.   Hopefully I can save readers time from pouring over the amount of text that I have in order to take away small pieces of insight.

However I beleive reading books is very limited in the effect it can directly have on a person.  You have to get off your ass and actually implement or at least try the things that are in the books.  This is one of the reasons I am starting this blog.  I do not write well and I always struggled forming well structured essays.  However, I really believe that if I make writing a habit, all these deficiencies will fade into the background.

After four years of committed reading, I have learned hundreds of strategies one can do to improve their performance at work, make their company better, motivate their employees, increase personal happiness, and become a 1%er.  One strategy above all, can completely change a persons life, happiness and well being.  I believe the idea of habit forming is a vastly underappreciated concept.

We all have a perception that our days are a formation of random or semi-random events that are influenced many times by spur of the moment decision making.  We have the feeling that when we walk to the water cooler, eat a cookie, go for a weekly jog, or watch TV that the event occurred be cause we decided, at that time, that this is something that we wanted to do.  Mustering up willpower to do something or deciding that you want a cookie at that particular moment does play a role, but surprisingly a very small one.

Habits guide us fully through our everyday.  Our brain is biologically set to identify habits and once identified follow the habits on autopilot.  When on autopilot, the brain uses less cognitive energy to perform the task thus freeing it up to handle more complex or pressing issues/thoughts.  The brain needs to be able to incorporate this auto pilot function for us to function normally everyday.  If it did not have this function, we would struggle on the drive to work every morning focusing heavily on this complex act we take for granted.

Knowing that habits are driving your actions subconsciously is the first step to using habits as a powerful self improvement weapon.  I have personally identified each action I take everyday and realized that they are all habits.  I plan to write more about habits in future posts as the topic is very expansive.

I wanted to begin writing now as I am currently experimenting with habits in a new way.  Over the past year I tried my hardest (at least it felt like it) to develop a boat-load of new habits that would coincide with the “new” Eric.  However, after a year and looking in the rearview I did not substantially change.  I believe this is because I attempted to develop all of the daily habits at once.  I can tell the readers (I assume there will be zero reading this :)) that attempting to develop multiple habits at once is futile.

Instead I am now attempting to only develop ONE habit at a time.  The rule is I have to do this one habit once everyday, at the same time of the day, for at least 30 days straight. I can flounder in all my other endeavors but as long as I completed the habit I have succeeded.  My habit I’m starting on April 17th, 2013 is running.  Running is a keystone habit (discussed later) that I believe will help me get up earlier in the morning and force me to get exercise in everyday.

I’ll keep you all updated as this progresses and thanks for reading my first post!

Eric Wilson