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Lifestyle design is better than being rich and I will show you why.

If you’re anything like me I spend a lot of time playing the “what-if” game, specifically with money.

If I landed that job that paid X dollars I’d be totally set.

If I got promoted to that new role, that additional cash would get me X and Y, then I’d be set.

If I had time to work out my million dollar idea, I’d be rich and rich = me being happy!

The problem is such thoughts lack a full consideration of what the end goal is. To that I ask- what is the end goal that this extra money will buy? Specificity is the key here and requires a deeper investigation.

After peeling back the onion a bit, I have found that after the cars, jetskis, and being able to act like this, the real perceived benefits money can afford is time and freedom. It buys a better lifestyle. The ability to work where you want, when you want and doing what you want. It gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family and out in the sun.

The interesting truth is that money does not buy you this lifestyle.

In support please refer to exhibit A: a list of hundreds of thousands of so-called-rich, that work 60 hour work-weeks, fly around the world constantly, and are neck deep in debt from luxury cars, big houses, and dining out every night. They need to keep working their six/seven-figure jobs to sustain their “awesome lifestyles” of excess. Not surprisingly, they are no more free than us regular guys and gals.

If money does not by time and freedom, what does?

Effort.  Effort to design your life how you want it is the cost of having that life (referred to as lifestyle design). The best part – you can start designing your life today to gain more time and freedom. This takes creativity, and no path is the same- but here are some lifestyle design suggestions to get your mind-a-thinkin’:

  • Can you negotiate working from home full-time or a few days a week in your current job? Can you shift your job responsibilities to lend better for remote work?
  • Are you valuing the full cost of your commute? 2 hours a day is A LOT.
  • Can you move to a place that is better suited and supportive of your lifestyle goals?
  • Can you build passive income sources that demand less time and bring in some supporting $$$ – buy rental real estate, create an e-course, sell on etsy, build an Instagram following (affiliate marketing), etc.
  • Can you build enough career-value that you can dictate the hours and environment of your work with employers?
  • Can you piece together 2-3 different, flexible part-time jobs that allow for more freedom and creativity?

Lifestyle design requires active participation. If you’re not designing your life, someone is doing it for you.

How are you taking control and designing your life?