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Jim Carrey discussed — here — he believes his ability to bring out the very best in people when their around him, is his proudest accomplishment he’s made.  He gets choked up just talking about it.  Do you have this quality?  Do you lift the room’s mood when you enter it, or do you sour it?

When you take away all the things and materials of life, social requirements, worries, responsibilities, regrets and expectations, what is left?  Just what’s important.  The relationships we have with those close to us and how we make them feel.  Pursuing the things that make us happy and we are passionate about.

I saw a video recently whose moment made me happy and admire the performer for achieving both making others happy and pursuing his passions.  He made the experience up himself and all though it was odd, he didn’t worry about it.

Check it out here–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO_LV-yInc8 — and try to consciously make others feel happy, regardless of how silly it may seem.


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