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As discussed in a previous post – here – achievements in life typically happen slowly, one step at a time.  Progress can sometimes be painfully slow and boring; it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. So how do you keep the motivation to keep chipping away at your goals, year after year?  What do you do to stay excited about life and your professional and personal ambitions?  I have no f’n clue how you do it, but I know how I have had success with it.  You can ask any my close friends, who may regret that title, that I’m relentless in my personal development and advancement in career and life.

How do I stay focused when Doritos nachos, happy hours, Chinese food and Netflix exist in this world?  I’m not going to lie I have my ups and downs, with movie/Chinese food marathons being a staple of mine.  I turn to other people to keep me motivated.  If I tried to self-motivate myself over these years I’d likely be that drunk guy at the bar flirting with a support pillar, covered in peanut shell dust.

Once a day I try to pour some intellectual gas in my mind to keep the motivation car moving.  I have noticed that if I don’t read, watch, or listen to something motivating for a few weeks, my motivation car putters to a stop.  When this happens I care less about my goals and become less fascinated about life.  Once I grab onto a good book or refuel with a podcast, my habits start to gravitate back toward the productive.

Here is a list of my go-to fuel stations that I recommend you trying if you haven’t yet.  Try to replace some of the daily garbage (real house wives, sports news, buzzfeed, etc.) with some high quality, intellectually stimulating gasoline (it stings the nostrils)

  • Audible.com– if I could marry an audio book App I would not only elope with Audible but I would take her out for a lovely beach-side lobster dinner. Audible has endless awesome audible books with a wide selection of personal development books. Check it out and turn your garbage commute into your daily intellect refuel.
  • RadioLab (WNYC/NPR)- This is an amazing podcast that features two humble gentlemen that embark on answering all of life’s crazy questions. I’ve yet to find a comparable podcast that carries the same level of wonder and sophistication in approach. Available in App Stores.
  • TechCrunch– Are you a techy? This App is a news source that focuses purely on the most groundbreaking technologies and companies.  Sarcastic and clever articles are frequent on this platform.
  • PopularScience– Are you a science nerd? Check out PopSci.com or the App.
  • TedTalks– Ted Conferences have been known as the most thought provoking and interesting conferences in the world. Many of the speakers are big names and they talk about super interesting topics that are tailored for every type of person. They are available on YouTube.
  • Blogs– I read a lot of blogs and its awesome hearing the viewpoints of normal, not famous people and how they are also trying to figure out this thing called life.
  • Freakonomics Podcast– Very thought provoking and well researched podcast about life.

Remember if you’re losing your motivation just let someone else’s article, speech, or e-book slap you back into being fascinated about the world and its opportunities.  Don’t become drunk-covered-in-peanut-shells dude, please.