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Only once in a millennia can one be gifted the opportunity to create a funny craigslist car ad.

I was recently gifted such an opportunity; to showcase the provocative curves and childish vigor of a Volvo V70 Wagon.

I would say that I created this Volvo ad but that would be misleading. This Volvo created me. It’s awe-inspiring 300,000+ miles, premium headlight wipers and devilish charm left me on a soul-searching quest, leaving me feeling lesser-a-man as a result.

Check out my pitiful attempt to capture the majesty that is the Volvo V70 here:

If you want this car act quickly- there currently is a line of 92 women and 45 men, in heat, outside the owner’s house right now.

God Bless Volvo,



Funny Craigslist Car Ad – Volvo V70