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Anything exceptional, takes an exceptional investment to get.

There are no ‘gimmies’ when it comes to exceptional things. If you want to be an exceptional artist, live in an exceptional place, have an exceptional work/life balance, or make exceptional money- you have to put in exceptional time and effort to get it.

Exceptional is defined as – (adj) unusual, not typical.

If you are working just as hard as your typical coworker, you will get what your coworker has, nothing exceptional. Conversely if you study on the weekends to become an expert in your company, you will be rewarded as an exceptional employee, with more freedom and compensation.

All the exceptional things I’ve achieved in my career has been directly related to providing something exceptional, that no one else was providing. It has afforded me the ability to work remotely, have flexibility in schedule and increased my compensation.

What is the one exceptional skill you are currently developing?



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