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I’m a closet nerd*.  I may have played an exorbitant amount of video games growing up (shout out to Halo!).  I may have read Einstein’s Biography and Steve Hawking’s A Briefer History of Time.  I may have also woo’d less girls than a young man typically should in his yesteryears, but hey, I was really good at Halo.

If you’re also a closet nerd of sorts, I have an awesome fiction book recommendation for you.

The Martian – By Andy Weir

It begins like every Martian tale; astronauts leave earth to explore red planet, astronauts land on planet, unexpected desert storm hits, all but one astronaut manages to escape, and curses f*ck repeatedly until he realizes he has to come up with game plan to survive on the red planet alone.

The narrator of the book is the astronaut’s mission log book, maintained almost daily by this hilarious and intelligent astronaut that faces every problem living on a new planet could bring.  And what a glorious tale it is!!

I could not put this book down.  One of the reasons this book is such a delight is because it’s so rooted deeply in well-researched facts and scenarios that it could be non-fiction.  The other reason is that the astronaut makes light of his entire sh*tty situation through hilarious log entries.  It is a book that will peak your intellectual curiosity and keep you laughing all the same.  I think it’s a perfect balance of intellect and humor.

If you don’t believe me check out all the spectacular reviews on Amazon.  It may cost you 57 pirate-ninjas worth of energy to get you through this book but well worth the expenditure (you’ll understand after reading).  Check it out on audible if you have a commute to work that you want to turn into motivation time instead of shovel-garbage-in-my-brain-candy-crush-time.

Enjoy and good luck surviving on Mars,



PS- They are making this a movie in 2015 so get ahead of the game!

* I guess this post means I’m coming out