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Hello!  My name is Eric Wilson and thanks for checking out Regular Guy Big Dreams!

The goal of Regular Guy Big Dreams is to answer three questions:

  • What is true success and happiness in life?
  • If you dream big, and work hard at it, can you achieve it?
  • How?

I honestly don’t know the answers. TV and social media throw us images of success and happiness daily but these feel disingenuous and gluttonous. Often the successful are portrayed as innately talented, courageous beyond familiarity, or just incredibly lucky.

I don’t think that it has to be that way.  

I think if a regular guy (or gal) with big dreams, rolls up their sleeves and works toward making their life great, it is not only plausible, its practical.

To figure out if that is the case I’m going to use myself as an experiment, sharing my experiences, downfalls and successes along the way. I’m going to read way too many personal development books and chase after the things that may me nervous or excited. I going to hunt down those that are “living the dream” and see what I can learn from them.

Also I’m going to need help and guest posts along the way; definitely reach out if you have something awesome to share so we can all learn together. Eric@regularguybigdreams.com.

Looking forward to figuring out all this together and live happy, fulfilling lives! Cheers!



A little bit about me – I’m a surfer out in San Diego that loves writing and person development.  I’m a CPA that has spent the majority of my career in corporate and public accounting. My latest gig was a Director of Finance for a fast-growing startup company and now I’m currently consulting. I own investment real estate and get excited talking about whole-life insurance and other financial topics that are horrifically boring. I meditate, mountain bike, burn easily in the sun, am a fairly decent dancer, and always enjoy a good burrito.  I also have a small pouch where my six-pack once was, RIP.