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If you’re like me you have developed a healthy amount of fat tissue around your belly area by now.  Congrats, and yes, I’m also proud. You may artificially curb this disturbing realization by giving an arm flex in the mirror or leaning backward to stretch out the flab but you know what’s up….you know.  If you’re also like me lifting weights typically leads to injury, you’re over pre-workout ULTRA-ENDURANCE drinks, and you’re a very busy little bugger.

My solution?  The 100 pushup challenge. That is right folks, just step right up, complete 100 pushups in five minutes and watch the pounds melt away.  I know there a people reading this, while simultaneously sipping their muscle milk, thinking 100 pushups in five minutes…that’s easier than getting laid on tinder.  Ok muscle person simmer down, this article is for the rest of us.

It’s actually really hard to complete this challenge.  Set the timer on your phone for five minutes and try to do 100 pushups during that time.  You can do all the reps at once, do 15 at a time and space them apart, or how ever you’d like- just get the 100.  I did this with a room full of 16 under-30-year-old-dudes (don’t ask) and only one guy could do it.

It’s a fun easy-to-execute challenge that you can keep coming back to, to try to complete.  Right now I’m at 87 pushups before I collapse.  I will get to 100 damnit!

Good luck my equally flabby friends.