Funny Craigslist Car Ad – Volvo V70


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Only once in a millennia can one be gifted the opportunity to create a funny craigslist car ad.

I was recently gifted such an opportunity; to showcase the provocative curves and childish vigor of a Volvo V70 Wagon.

I would say that I created this Volvo ad but that would be misleading. This Volvo created me. It’s awe-inspiring 300,000+ miles, premium headlight wipers and devilish charm left me on a soul-searching quest, leaving me feeling lesser-a-man as a result.

Check out my pitiful attempt to capture the majesty that is the Volvo V70 here:

Volvo V70 Wagon Ad Craigslist

If you want this car act quickly- there currently is a line of 92 women and 45 men, in heat, outside the owner’s house right now.

God Bless Volvo,



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Funny Craigslist Car Ad – Volvo V70

Best Meditation Apps for Busy People


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Best Meditation Apps for Busy People.

If you have been interested in starting meditation but don’t know where to begin — this post is for you.

So hike up your socks and fluff your pillows – the top 3 Best Meditation Apps for Busy People are here – and they’re glorious.

Finding time for meditation can be hard. As a finance professional that typically works 10-12 hour days, I can relate (kill me). However, not meditating can lead to chronic work-stress, inability to keep a level head and really holds you back from enjoying each day. In addition to your ability to brag to coworkers that you meditate, there are serious mental benefits professionals can gain from meditating. Just ask Rupert Murdoch (CEO, News Corp), Russel Simmons (Founder, Def Jam Records), and Oprah Winfrey (you know Oprah) here. Personally, meditation has been a game-changer in my life, specifically with lowering my daily anxiety/stress.

I’ve been meditating for a year and a half now and continue to deepen my practice today by reading books, sitting cross-legged for hours on end, and trying out the best meditation apps out there.

I’ve found that using a high-quality meditation app is the best way to start and sustain a meditation practice.

A forewarning– of all the best meditation apps I have tried, the paid apps have been the best by far.  Two of the apps I recommend have ongoing charges but are worth the money a-hundred-fold. These apps teach you the proper ways to meditate and the science behind it all, instead of just providing you random guided audios. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend starting out with the free content from 10% Happier and/or Headspace, then moving to a paid subscription.

Note: These best meditation apps are for practical, non-hippy, hard-working professionals that are looking to improve themselves at home and at work. If you’re busy, you’ve come to the right place.

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Working Remotely-Escape the Office Grind


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Working remotely is as good as it sounds.

No commute, no office drama, few interruptions, freedom of space and ability to work from anywhere are game-changing benefits. For many, working remotely is used as the foundation in cultivating a well rounded work-life balance. It is one of the best ways to start the process of lifestyle design.

I’ve successfully negotiated working remotely five different times in my career and I know the steps you can use to achieve the same success. I’ve negotiated working remotely both 1-2 days a week and also 100% full-time which allowed me the freedom to move across the country.

It’s probably not as hard as you think. More and more companies are adding working remotely into their HR policies and even more are making remote-work exceptions for those employees who make a valid case for it.

Before diving into the how, I need to first put the nay-sayers to rest (thoughts that I had to overcome initially).

There are hundreds of excuses that your mind will use to deny the possibility of working remotely, many of which will appear to be 100% logical reasons.  However, as with anything in life that is worthwhile, these benefits are reserved for those who can be both creative and push past their initial fears and doubts.

Working Remotely Excuses“My job cannot be done remotely.”

This is the most common argument and hardest to conceptually overcome. However, the majority of white-collar jobs today can in-fact be done remotely. It helps to run through a thought experiment. Imagine you had some pressing family issues and had to relocate across the country for three months. How will you make it work with your current job? What job responsibilities 100% require you to be physically present?  Is it possible to transfer those duties to someone else on site under your remote supervision.

This was an eye-opening exercise for me when I was a fully integrated director at a Company. When I boiled it down the only task that 100% required me to be there was to physically sign checks.  Every other part of my complex role could, in theory, be done remotely including attending meetings and staff management. One caveat is there are some traditional jobs that do not jive with working remotely, namely nurse, teacher, construction manager, etc. But don’t stop your thinking there. Each of these roles mentioned have creative solutions for working remotely- remote case manager for nurses, online professorship for teachers, and remote project manager in construction, etc. Check out, type in your current job, and in the “where” put remote. You’ll be surprised at what’s out there. Continue reading

Lifestyle Design- Stop Envying The Rich


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Lifestyle design is better than being rich and I will show you why.

If you’re anything like me I spend a lot of time playing the “what-if” game, specifically with money.

If I landed that job that paid X dollars I’d be totally set.

If I got promoted to that new role, that additional cash would get me X and Y, then I’d be set.

If I had time to work out my million dollar idea, I’d be rich and rich = me being happy!

The problem is such thoughts lack a full consideration of what the end goal is. To that I ask- what is the end goal that this extra money will buy? Specificity is the key here and requires a deeper investigation.

After peeling back the onion a bit, I have found that after the cars, jetskis, and being able to act like this, the real perceived benefits money can afford is time and freedom. It buys a better lifestyle. The ability to work where you want, when you want and doing what you want. It gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family and out in the sun.

The interesting truth is that money does not buy you this lifestyle.

In support please refer to exhibit A: a list of hundreds of thousands of so-called-rich, that work 60 hour work-weeks, fly around the world constantly, and are neck deep in debt from luxury cars, big houses, and dining out every night. They need to keep working their six/seven-figure jobs to sustain their “awesome lifestyles” of excess. Not surprisingly, they are no more free than us regular guys and gals.

If money does not by time and freedom, what does?

Effort.  Effort to design your life how you want it is the cost of having that life (referred to as lifestyle design). The best part – you can start designing your life today to gain more time and freedom. This takes creativity, and no path is the same- but here are some lifestyle design suggestions to get your mind-a-thinkin’:

  • Can you negotiate working from home full-time or a few days a week in your current job? Can you shift your job responsibilities to lend better for remote work?
  • Are you valuing the full cost of your commute? 2 hours a day is A LOT.
  • Can you move to a place that is better suited and supportive of your lifestyle goals?
  • Can you build passive income sources that demand less time and bring in some supporting $$$ – buy rental real estate, create an e-course, sell on etsy, build an Instagram following (affiliate marketing), etc.
  • Can you build enough career-value that you can dictate the hours and environment of your work with employers?
  • Can you piece together 2-3 different, flexible part-time jobs that allow for more freedom and creativity?

Lifestyle design requires active participation. If you’re not designing your life, someone is doing it for you.

How are you taking control and designing your life?



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Mindfulness Meditation- Introduction


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Mindfulness Meditation has profound implications for your career, home-life and general happiness. Specifically I’ve found it really effective at reducing stress and anxiety from my work and home life.

The truth is, mindfulness meditation has been getting a bad rap and image for decades. When you think of meditation what do you see? I see robe-wearing spiritualists or hippies that have no connection to the actual real world. I thought I was too type A and too busy to meditate.  Besides, I was not interested in superstitious practices that result in “enlightenment”.

Now picture high powered CEOs, professional sports teams and other highly successful types.  These are the real faces of mindfulness meditation today (examples here and here).

Granted there are other types of meditation that are spiritual based, however, you can’t get any more practical than mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of investigating and training your mind.

For the majority of us- our days, actions and feelings are hopelessly guided by a string of thoughts, images and emotions generated by our minds.  This string of thoughts and internal dialogue is a never ending flow that cascades through our minds. The mistake we make is that we internalize this dialogue as if it was our own, not something separate.

What is interesting is that we as humans, possess this next level, above thinking, that allows us to observe our thoughts and emotions, independent of them. Taxonomically we are considered Homo Sapien Sapiens. This extra “Sapiens” is an important addition- the full meaning is – “he who thinks and knows he’s thinking“. Continue reading



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Anything exceptional, takes an exceptional investment to get.

There are no ‘gimmies’ when it comes to exceptional things. If you want to be an exceptional artist, live in an exceptional place, have an exceptional work/life balance, or make exceptional money- you have to put in exceptional time and effort to get it.

Exceptional is defined as – (adj) unusual, not typical.

If you are working just as hard as your typical coworker, you will get what your coworker has, nothing exceptional. Conversely if you study on the weekends to become an expert in your company, you will be rewarded as an exceptional employee, with more freedom and compensation.

All the exceptional things I’ve achieved in my career has been directly related to providing something exceptional, that no one else was providing. It has afforded me the ability to work remotely, have flexibility in schedule and increased my compensation.

What is the one exceptional skill you are currently developing?



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5 Minute Meditation – Guided Audio


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I perform the same 5 minute meditation everyday.

This highly effective, yet simple 5 minute meditation, has significantly reduced my stress and has helped me accomplish more in life with greater ease.  I learned this process from Joseph Goldstein, a world renown meditator.

When I began meditating a year ago, I thought the sole purpose was to relax and get away with wearing stunningly-cool robes.

I also thought it mainly had to do with being “enlightened” or “spiritual”, whatever those mean. As I deepened my practice I learned that the benefits of meditation are practical and far-reaching, both at work and at home.  Specifically, these benefits are derived from “mindfulness” meditation, which is the type of meditation this post will focus on.

Mindfulness provides us the ability to not be carried away by our thoughts and emotions. It affords us the ability take control of our brain, rather than blindly following it.  I will discuss the many benefits of mindfulness meditation in future posts but without further ado — here is the magic 5 minute meditation.  I have included both a guided meditation audio that I recorded and also step by step instructions below.  The guided meditation is perfect for a train commute or anytime you can steal away for 5 minutes.

5 Minute Meditation Guided Audio

(audio file- click on play button above)

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Selling Solutions – Complex Software


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What’s the secret to selling solutions and enterprise software? If you think its shmoozing and rubbing-elbows with your customers, new research says you’re wrong.

New well-supported studies show that there are five distinct types of sales people when selling solutions and software, and only one type outperforms the others by a landslide.

Which of the following sales types would you guess is the winner?

Challenger Sale - Selling Solutions

Survey says? The Challenger.  

“More than 50% of star sales performers fit the Challenger profile in complex sales”

The next closest type of salesperson is the Lone Wolf, who accounts for 25% of all star performers.  You know Lone Wolfs- the guys who throw tantrums, don’t follow rules, and were in fraternities in college?  How about the relationship builders, the type of salesperson that your boss has urged you to be for years. – only 4% are high performing.

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Nerds Rejoice: Real Life Human Mutants Not Far Away


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I watched a video yesterday that left me in awe and scared the suspenders off my back.

Mutants are coming soon and you may have the option to become one.

In a recent Ted Talk, Lisa Nip, a certified psychopath synthetic biologist, presented a number of theoretical questions that we as humans will face in the distant future. Questions like- what are we going to do when all of earth’s resources are depleted or where are we going to live when our sun explodes.  Obviously these are very pressing issues.

Lisa’s solution, not surprisingly, is for us to colonize far away potentially habitable planets. She then uses this as her platform to investigate the various issues we will run into, namely, how is our feeble human body going to withstand the harsh environments of these other planets?  Earth is the equivalent of spring break in Cancun, whereas other planets are likely spring break in the Sahara (considerably less redbull vodkas).

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How to Overcome Procrastination


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Is procrastination your status quo?  You’re not alone.

You know what sucks to do?  Everything that requires effort.  It is so much easier fall victim to procrastination; to lay on the couch, pop on Netflix, sip a mojito and call it a night.  A glorious, lazy night.  But deep down you know you should probably be doing something to get you closer to your goals.  Tomorrow.  Next week.  Whatever, just not today.

I know you want to accomplish some cool things during your short stay on this earth.  Escape the 9-5, buy rental real estate, learn a language, travel the world, become a yoga instructor; whatever it is – I know you want to accomplish something.  Maybe you can relate; the things that hold me back from accomplishing things are:

  • Work is a drain and I’m too beat to do anything in addition to that
  • There is so much to do/learn to accomplish goals- it’s overwhelming
  • Couches are so comfortable/procrastination is intoxicating

There is a better way to accomplish your goals and I’ve found it.  It involves some post-it notes and a wall.  The approach is called “SCRUM” and it’s taken the software development industry by storm.  It’s so popular it was featured in HBO’s Silicon Valley– here (caution- scene is rated R).  While it works well for business, I found it works even better for personal goals and this is how you do it.

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